Owner Finance Information

For properties where we offer owner financing, the following terms apply:

  • 0% interest for up to 24 months
  • No credit check
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Monthly payments are calculated by dividing the balance due after down payment by the number of months (up to 24 months) plus taxes and fees during the contract period, e.g. if the purchase price is $10,000 and the balance due is $9,000 (after a 10% down payment), the monthly payment on the loan principal over 24 months is $9,000/24 = $375/month
  • We use a land sale contract (also known as a contract for deed) which retains title with us, the seller, until the purchase price is paid in full.
  • Once the purchase price is paid in full, we will prepare the deed to transfer title and have it recorded with the county recorder.
  • During the financing term, we do not allow the property to be occupied or built on.  We allow visits to the property for up to 2 weeks per year with prior written notice.