Opportunity Zones

The Opportunity Zone tax benefit was introduced in late 2017 as part of the federal Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. It enables individuals with capital gains from the sale of capital assets (including stock, real estate, or a private business) to defer those gains through 2026 if they are invested in “Qualified Opportunity Zone Business Property” (QOZBP) through a “Qualified Opportunity Fund” (QOF).

In addition, investors who hold their QOF investments for at least 10 years can avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation of those investments during the holding period. 

Opportunity Zones are located in designated areas across all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and other United States territories. They are usually low-income and/or rural areas where state and local governments would like to boost investment and promote economic development.

Because of this sizable tax benefit, many individual and institutional investors are looking for real estate in Opportunity Zone areas that they can build on or improve over time. Whether you are an investor with capital gains ready to invest in QOZBP through your QOF or a land investor looking to invest in areas with economic growth potential, Opportunity Zone areas are worth your consideration.

At JustPlainLand.com, we are always looking for good deals on land in areas with potential for future appreciation, including Opportunity Zones. Check out our current Opportunity Zone inventory below.

Opportunity Zone Properties

This 2.09 acre parcel has excellent road access from Sprague River Drive. It’s the perfect spot for camping and/or building your weekend getaway mancave. Located in a Klamath County Qualified Opportunity Zone, it has tremendous investment upside.

This 0.92 acre parcel is part of a rural community called California Pines in Modoc County, CA. Located in a federal tax-advantaged Opportunity Zone, it’s ready to build a property that can generate rental income for your Qualified Opportunity Fud.

These 2 adjoining 10-acre parcels near West Wendover, Nevada will make a perfect basecamp for outdoor recreation or a future income-generating asset. The property sits about three miles east of graveled Pilot Road, the main road that leads through this part of the valley. There is a bladed dirt road that heads east off Pilot […]