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0.33 Acre lot Pueblo West


Philip is a very knowledgeable and helpful person. I purchased a wonderful lot in Southern Colorado from him. He answered any and all questions that I had throughout the process. Upon closing the purchase, I had accidentally overpaid by $250. Philip immediately brought this to my attention and sent back a cashier’s check for the overpayment. Jump ahead more than a year later…. I was cleaning out my old mail that had stacked up over time and I came across the cashiers check which was now void due to a 90-day limit on cashing it. Ugghhh! My heart sank as I was afraid that nothing could be done especially after so much time had passed. I then contacted Philip. He politely heard my story and checked with his bank. I was able to return the outdated check to him and he promptly mailed a new cashier’s check to me. I cashed the check that day. LOL THANK YOU PHILIP !! — Gary Shisler


“Philip was excellent to work with. Never met in person but I feel like I know him well.  Very professional and courteous. We still keep in touch because I plan to purchase a property from him next summer when I return to the area. I would recommend Philip and his business to anyone looking to buy.”

— Greg from Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado City

Pueblo West 1.12


The property was an excellent value, and even though discussions were carried out on the phone, the transaction went very smoothly and exactly as discussed. This is a company of integrity, which is rare these days.”

— Daniel RIchey